Biotop Community Lab e.V. is an association that wants to promote democratization of science through access to biotechnology and learn-by-doing education.

We are part of the global DIY-bio movement, which focuses on bringing biology outside of academic and industrial environment to the lay public. We believe that biology is technology and we want to put citizens in the conditions to make use of it, as any other common technology.

We want to achieve these goals by organizing talks, presentations and lectures to promote awareness about biology / biotechnology themes. In this regard, it is our intention to provide a fully equipped laboratory to offer the possibility to community members and citizen scientists to perform biology experiment in a safe and suitable environment, complying to scientific standards. Community activities regarding biology experimentation are transparently documented and recorded.  Finally, Biotop serve as a networking hub to put in contact people and groups with a common interest in biotechnology innovation.

Biotop Community Lab e.V. is registered as a non-profit association in Heidelberg since 2017.

Here is our (German) constitution.